Purple Bamboo Retaurant, Billerica MA | Merchant Profile

Introducing a combination old and new, Purple Bamboo Restaurant takes tradition and modernizes it, creating something new for locals and visitors alike. Owner Julian Zhao holds a distinct passion for his current culinary endeavor, taking his influence straight from China. The name is derived from his university in China, there is a park located nearby where he learned English, and the park was called none other than Purple Bamboo Park. Garnering widespread success in China, Purple Bamboo has over two hundred locations, and the idea to introduce it to the states takes the cuisine to the next level. Julian simply enjoys being able to provide something to the community for everyone to enjoy and his efforts take this culinary powerhouse to the next level, making it a must while in the area. The dining concept introduced is something that is new and hasn’t been seen in the area before. The Hot Pot option immerses guests into an interactive experience that allows them to be hands on with their meal. Using an electromagnetic machine, a pot is placed on top of the bar to heat the contents to a rolling boil. Customers then can select their vegetables, proteins, and noodles themselves to add into the pot and comprise a meal to their liking. This way everyone knows what they are eating and there is quality that is guaranteed. Julian implements a slight Americanization to his meals as well as delivering traditional options as well, always aiming to adhere to all palates.What makes Purple Bamboo Restaurant so special is that they are so unique and not like any other Chinese restaurant. Their widespread popularity overseas can attest to that, and the use of fresh ingredients creates a quality and consistency that can only be found at this location. The wait staff brings everything full circle with their attentiveness and their meticulous efforts of paying close attention to detail. Above all else, Purple Bamboo puts themselves in a league of their own, and that is reason enough to stop in and pay Julian and his team a visit.  

265 Boston Rd.
Billerica, MA 01862