Ras Dashen, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Ras Dashen is an authentic Ethiopian restaurant celebrating its 15th year in business in March of 2016. Zenash Beyene is the head chef and owner of Ras Dashen and was born and raised in Ethiopia. Zaneshís mother was an amazing home cook and by the time Zanesh was seven or eight she began learning and cooking with her mother. Her love and passion for food is what drove Zanesh to one day open her own restaurant. Zanesh was born in Belese, Ethiopia in the mountains right by Ras Dashen, which is the tallest mountain in Ethiopia hence the name of her restaurant. While Zanesh still lived in Ethiopia she actually opened her own restaurant, but it was to give back to her community, not for profit. From Ethiopia Zanesh then traveled to Sudan where she lived for seven years and then to Saudi Arabia where she saved money to open her own restaurant. When the opportunity came for Zanesh to move to America she jumped at the chance. When Zanesh arrived in the US she had to work other jobs before opening her own restaurant to ensure she would have enough money. During this time she met her now-husband, Kevin who fell in love with Zanesh and her cooking. In 2001 Zanesh and Kevin finally risked it all and bought a space to open their own restaurant. Unfortunately before opening they first had to deal with problems such as flooding and were forced to renovate and fix up their building. People in the area were also unfamiliar with Ethiopian cuisine so they were faced with the challenge of introducing and selling people on her food. People loved the food and Ras Dashen took off. Now you can find four other Ethiopian restaurants within a 2-mile radius because the food was so popular. But Ras Dashen is in a league of its own when it comes to authentic, delicious Ethiopian cuisine because people travel from all over to try Zaneshís food. Even those who have moved away from the area will travel all the way back just because they miss Ras Dashenís food so much. Ras Dashen offers tons of different meat, vegetarian, and vegan options to their customers. The food is prepared to be extremely authentic and gives the consumer an instant homey feel because their food is meant to be shared with one another. Their most popular dish is their Chicken Doro Wat, which also happens to be the national dish of Ethiopia. Other favorites are the Chickpea Salad and Yellow Beet Salad that are entirely Zaneshís original creations. Along with their delicious, authentic cuisine, Ras Dashen also has a full bar stocked with beer, wine, and other liquors. Ras Dashen is open every day and both walk-ins and reservations are welcome. The high-quality food found at Ras Dashen cannot be found anywhere else. Zanesh even goes out and handpicks her meats, produce, and other ingredients to ensure they are the best quality she can get. When you visit Ras Dashen you might come in with an empty stomach, but you will always leave on a full one. Ras Dashen is a must-stop in Chicago for the best Ethiopian food around.

5846 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60660