Red Hots Coney Island, Highland Park MI | Merchant Profile

Red Hots Coney Island is located in Highland Park, Michigan and opened back in 1921 and has been owned and operated by the same family name since. Started by his great uncle who originated from Greece, today, Richard and his wife Carol run the family business. Red Hots Coney Island is a must try when in the metro Detroit area!   Family recipes and high quality ingredients are used to make the famous Coney Island dogs. Come experience an unforgettable meal in an old school atmosphere that is nostalgia inducing for each guest, though since taking over, Richard has renovated twice. Expect to find a great meal, unique atmosphere, and quality service at Red Hots Coney Island. The staff works hard everyday to ensure each customer leaves happy, full, and satisfied.   The Hot Dogs are definitely the most popular menu item and it is highly recommend to try one while at Red Hots Coney Island. The dogs here are bigger because according to Richard, they are done right here! The dogs are first spread with mustard and then generously topped with the homemade chili. The chili is a secret family recipe that is of a similar style to a thick Greek spaghetti sauce.   Next time you find yourself in Highland Park, be sure to stop by Red Hots Coney Island for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Burgers, fries, hot dogs, and more await, so what are you waiting for? Try Red Hots Coney Island and you won’t be disappointed! 

12 Victor St
Highland Park, MI 48203