Red June Cafe, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Kim, the current owner of Red June Cafe, purchased the restaurant from a friend who had to move out of state. Kim came back to Illinois after living in Italy for four years and needed a new project. When she bought Red June Cafe, it had been opened for two years and running at a very basic level. In the four years Kim has owned it, she increased business and the restaurant is doing great.Red June Cafe is actually the name of a rare baking apple. When Kim took over, she added some menu items and added her own twist and Italian influences she brought from overseas. Her customers love the Austrian coffee, Julius Minal, and she refuses to change it. Many local coffee reps wanted Kim to switch over to other brands, but the imported Austrian coffee is one of the things that makes Red June Cafe special.Red June Cafeís customers love to start their day with a delicious coffee drink and a breakfast sandwich. Try the Build-Your-Own Breakfast Sandwich; fluffy scrambled eggs served on your choice of bread (bagel, English muffin, or croissant) with cheese (cheddar, American, or Swiss) served with fresh fruit. You can add turkey, ham, bacon or sausage!  Red June Cafe opens early and closes early, just the way Kim likes it. Most of Red June Cafeís business came from word of mouth advertising. Kim often helps out at the local schools and sponsors fundraising events. The neighborhood is a very close knit community with many great people.

2020 N Leavitt St.
Chicago, IL 60647