Red Snapper Seafood Kitchen, Elmont NY | Merchant Profile

Introducing a thriving concept to the Elmont area, Red Snapper Seafood Kitchen has inherited its niche as the must try seafood location in the area. With a focus on qualitative consistency, the restaurant is meticulous in their efforts to hold their concept to a higher standard, and do so quite remarkably. With everything being made from scratch, the restaurant promises a satisfying experience with each visit as well as something to adhere to all palates. The organic options also cater to a healthier standpoint and this is proven with the way in which they prepare their dishes. Above all else, each dish is rich in flavor and encapsulates the best of the best when it comes to top notch seafood in the area.All of the fish options are wild caught, taking the stance on freshness and holding it to a higher standard. The concept consists of continental seafood, with a major Caribbean influence, with a mix of a South Cajun fish fry. In doing so, the flavors all compliment each other in an elevated fashion. The Red Snapper is an obvious must try, grilled and served with sauteed vegetables. The preparation allows guests to choose from frying, grilling or steaming, to compliment all taste preferences. The Seafood Kitchen also offers delicious classics like Crab, Grilled Shrimp, and prepare them all with health in mind. To bring it all full circle the staff envelopes a warm and welcoming environment for guests to be immersed in. The location also thrives on feedback, always aiming to please and take the fantastic concept to a greater level. Stopping in guarantees not only a memorable experience, but a delicious one as well, making for a perfect choice for any type of outing while in the Elmont area.

799 Elmont Rd.
Elmont, NY 11003