Reliance Cafe, York PA | Merchant Profile

Full of history and character, the Reliance CafÈ is York, Pennsylvaniaís oldest food establishment. In 1937 the Reliance CafÈ was born and has been providing the community with quality food, great service, and new innovations ever since. The restaurant was the first in York to install an icemaker machine in the 40s and a television set in the 50s. The Sgagias family who currently own and operate Reliance took over in 1971 and have continued its legacy ever since. The Reliance CafÈ uses the freshest and finest ingredients to create all their dishes from scratch. They serve breakfast and lunch and provide traditional American fare with international inspirations. The classic 2 Eggs, Home Fries, Toast, and Meat is a customer favorite that keeps them coming back for more. Reliance also creates homemade soups daily and the Cream of Crab is one of the most popular choices. The cafÈ also sells a lot of chicken of dishes and even offers carryout chicken for you to take home with you. You can find tons of delicious choices on the menu including sandwiches, appetizers, pancakes, omelets, and more. Since there is so much history surrounding the Reliance CafÈ, the Sgagias family strives to fuse the new with the old. They have brought the restaurant up to date with more modern furnishings and dÈcor, but they have also preserved the old-school feel with black and white pictures hanging on the walls. The cafÈ is open from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily. All in all, this place is the perfect place to meet up with friends, sit back, and enjoy your time. The staff is always friendly and enjoys getting to know their guests. When you walk in youíll feel like family. So, the next time youíre craving delicious food served in a historic, warm, and welcoming environment, make sure to stop by the Reliance CafÈ! 

1413 W Market St.
York, PA 17404