Renee’s Gourmet Pizzeria, Troy MI | Merchant Profile

Gil and business partner Gabe Hertz opened Reneeís Gourmet Pizzeria in 2013, serving up delicious gluten-free pizza. Reneeís is proud to say they are the only gluten and nut free restaurant in Troy, Michigan. Gabeís daughter, Renee, had a severe allergic reaction to gluten at any restaurant they would go to. This inspired Gil and Gabe to create a dining experience unique to the area. Although the menu and restaurant concept is designed to cater to those with gluten and nut allergies, all folks who come in are amazed at how fantastic the healthy pizzas are.Guests can choose from a wide variety of pizza toppings and signature pizzas featuring flavors from around the globe. One of the most unique items offered on Reneeís menu is the ëChicago Style Deep Dish Pizza,í ñ a kind of pizza rarely seen on a gluten free menu. New to the menu, Reneeís now features a wide variety of gluten-free pasta dishes. The sauces and doughs are made fresh in-house as well.Reneeís Gourmet Pizzeria is driven by their customerís needs. For those guests who are lactose intolerant, a non-dairy vegan cheese can be used instead. The menu at Reneeís is changing and expanding to support their customerís wishes and dietary restrictions. The kitchen and restaurant staff go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality customer service.

1937 W Maple Rd
Troy, MI 48084