Republic – Detroit, MI, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Republic is a restaurant on the first floor of the Grand Army of the Republic Building. Previously a gathering place for Civil War veterans, the GARís new owners wanted to keep the first floor a communal space. Executive Chef Sarah Welch explains Republicís cuisine as rustic tavern food, but everything made from scratch ingredients. They butcher and bake everything in-house, along with making the pastries from scratch. Everything that enters the building comes in unprocessed from local sources, to ensure each item is exceptionally fresh. The menu is very responsible and well thought out ñ constantly changing and adding new items because fresh food choices change seasonally. ìWe are not the kind of restaurant thatís able to come up with a dish thatís successful and stay with it for six months because food changes with seasonality. Weíre required to constantly be revamping our menu and trying new things, which not many restaurants in the area do,î Sarah explains.Sarah recommends trying the ëBounty Menuí if you visit on a Friday or Saturday. The ëBounty Menuí is a perfectly selected five-course meal from starter to dessert that changes every week. This weekend they are featuring ëElk Backstrapí, raised in northern Michigan, and are flying in truffles. Although it sounds fancy, Sarah stresses that the largest misconception about Republic is that they are a super fine dining restaurant, and theyíre not. Although they do serve high end, well thought out and well-crafted food, they want to do so in a comfortable environment, and do not have a dress code.

1942 W Grand River Ave
Detroit, MI 48226