Rice and Dough, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Taking a grasp on two cuisines that are widely favored across the board, Rice and Dough envelopes an eclectic experience from top to bottom. Owners and partners Goran Perovic and Amy Ducat attribute their widespread success by simply providing quality and consistency, and they certainly do so to the highest degree. As the name would infer, Rice and Dough hits the nail on the head when it comes to fresh pizza, paired with top notch sushi. Having been in the industry for thirty years, Goran has taken his culinary expertise and has used it as fuel to drive his current endeavor, and his efforts are prevalent in this restaurant from top to bottom. Taking it a step further, Goran, Amy, and the team at the restaurant provide a warm, welcoming, and above all else, honest experience. That reason itself is what truly makes them special, putting them in a league of their own in the Fort Lauderdale area.The uniqueness to the concept drives the cuisine to the forefront, truly fusing two different culinary aspects that wouldn’t normally go hand in hand. Make no mistake about it, they do not lack in any category especially when it comes to their selection in ingredients. They are meticulous in their craft, sourcing the best of the best for their customers to indulge in, and the fact they do not cut any corners truly speaks for itself.  Naturally the pizza comes in high regard, fashioned with Grande Cheese in Neapolitan or New York style with imported dough, as well as elevated Italian items like their American Kobe Meatballs, crafted with Parmigiana topped with Ricotta. The sushi rivals the quality and standards of the best of the best, with their implementation of a raw bar, the reasoning to stop in becomes more and more prevalent. The location also offers fresh salads that don’t sacrifice in flavor, really aiming to touch all points.To bring it all full circle the choices of beer, wine, sake, as well as a cigar lounge, fully encapsulating the option for a perfect outing with no questions asked. The team at the restaurant simply put forth a genuine effort to not only provide something different, but to do so in a manner that is nothing short of remarkable. In doing so, the restaurant has garnered attention from locals and visitors alike, and having only been around since 2012, Rice and Doughís success simply speaks for itself. Stopping in and experiencing the restaurant is something to behold, and giving them a chance will provide not only a quality experience, but a memorable as one, making it a definite must.

501 SE 2nd St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301