Rice’N Bread, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Formerly known as Hamburger King, the location RiceíN Bread currently resides has been serving Chicagoland for about 60 years. The current owner, Jacob Park, purchased the business in 2013 and changed the name to RiceíN Bread. Jacob kept the long time favorites to please the returning customers but introduced Korean dishes to give the restaurant his own twist. RiceíN Bread is open for lunch and dinner but serves breakfast all day.The Yet Ca Mein has been a staple since 1975. There are customers that come in and order it every time. A man named Scott helped create the entree, and the Yet Ca Mein Scott is a version of the dish. Scott used to end his day by coming to the restaurant each night to eat the Yet Ca Mein!The Akutagawa is a customer favorite; a Japanese dish made from stir-fried sprouts, eggs, onions, green peppers, and your choice of sausage, beef, or chicken. The Rice N Gravy is a special that is very popular with special ingredients that are made special two times a week. Many customers that have since moved to the suburbs return to the city specifically for this dish and although it is inexpensive, they often leave a generous tip!Many of the Korean dishes take longer to cook and are more healthy. Some dishes must be made far in advance due to the long, healthy cooking process. Many Asian customers greatly appreciate the authentic dishes and people new to the cuisine love trying new things. There are also dishes that can be customized to make them vegetarian.RiceíN Bread offers dine in, delivery, and takeout. Located near Wrigley Field, RiceíN Bread is family friendly, comfortable, and relaxing. 

3435 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657