Rinaldi’s Italian Deli, West Palm Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Holding a vast notoriety in the West Palm Beach area, Rinaldiís Italian Deli has secured its niche as a go to for locals and visitors alike. Owners Jean and Carol Dupoux took on this endeavor about a year ago and have held the concept to a higher standard, and in doing so, have garnered widespread attention. The menu options hit the nail on the head and the genuine service that they are able to provide raises the bar on what would normally be expected from an Italian deli. In doing so, they have provided an elevated experience in an unpretentious manner with their hearty portions and fresh ingredients at an affordable price. No matter the instance, the deli has something for everyone, making it a must while in the area. General Manager Nedive Presuma and his team drive Rinaldiís full force into the culinary powerhouse they are today, and the efforts are nothing short of remarkable. The Godfather is a sandwich that is a staple to the menu, and is the reason Jean came bought the location in the first place. The sandwich is crafted with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, capicola, salami, pepperoni, bacon, cheese, steak, and is as top notch as it gets. The sandwich has people come far and wide to indulge, rightfully so, the fresh bread delivered daily and Boars Head meat show the extra step Rindaldiís goes. Their pizza is another option worth trying, uniquely crafted atop hot stone, providing signature options as well as the ability to create your own small pie. No matter the instance, the team at the restaurant have something to adhere to anyone’s palate. The honest and trustworthy experience is prevalent from top to bottom throughout Rinaldiís, and is reason enough to stop in and give it a try. Jean and Carol offer discounts for military, seniors, as well as students, and the communal experience they provide can attest to the care that they put forth. To bring everything full circle, they also provide Protein Smoothies that come in various options like the Reese Cup, crafted with banana, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, protein powder, and Ice. Not only can Rinaldiís envelope a quality and caring service, but they also provide a memorable one, making for a perfect outing while in the West Palm Beach area.

5029 Okeechobee Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33417