Rino’s Pizza, Manheim PA | Merchant Profile

Taking a traditional concept and putting an elevated flair to it, Rinoís Pizza has captivated the hearts of locals and visitors alike with their fresh options that are made in a consistency that is unrivaled. Sandro Mazzola and his son Giuseppe Alejandro Mazzola have taken a family oriented concept and drive their chef fueled menu to the forefront with their authentic options. Their creativity shines through as well, and above all else, they pride themselves on having something for everyone with their Italian, and Hispanic inspired menu items. Pair that in a welcoming setting, the restaurant is comfortable and the touch of the fireplace provides a sense of home, and that nostalgia can simply only be found at Rinoís.Giuseppe drives the menu, and having been working in the industry for most of his life, allows his culinary knowledge to shine through time after time. The strombolis come in high regard, offering options like Cheesesteak, Buffalo Chicken, Texas BBQ, as well as a veggie option. The Quesadillas are also a popular option to indulge in, offering choices like Chicken, Cheese, Shrimp, and Cheesesteak. The pizza is an area where the location shines the most, the ingredients are sourced from local farmers to ensure the a quality and fresh experience with each visit. The signature options are fantastic, and the vast amount of ingredients available allow for a top notch pizza with each visit.The push to be unique and provide things like taco tuesdays is what raises Rinoís above the competition. The desserts bring everything full circle with choices like the Tiramisu and the Blueberry Creme Brulee Cheesecake. The location also offers delivery and catering if that is preferred, with delivery up to a seven mile radius. No matter the instance, stopping in ensures a quality experience, and Giuseppe, his father, and the team at Rinoís are sure to deliver not only a memorable outing, but a satisfying one as well.

1711 Lebanon Rd.
Manheim, PA 17545