Ristorante Sapori, Boca Raton FL | Merchant Profile

Marco Pindo is an extremely talented and experienced chef originally from the southern region of Italy. He first learned how to cook from his mother and grandparents in Italy. His mother and grandmother were exceptional cooks, especially with fish and his grandfather was a fishmonger who brought Marco with him when he picked out fresh fish. On his fatherís side, he learned how to make fresh pasta with his grandparents. Marcoís grandmother dealt with stomach issues her whole life, forcing her to always to eat light, which in turn taught Marco how to balance foods. She taught him how to get rid of the fat yet keep the flavors of the food, hence where the name Ristorante Sapori was born. Sapori is Italian for flavors. Before coming to America and opening Ristorante Sapori, Marco worked in many different restaurants. He worked at a French, Armenian, Sabra, and Chinese restaurant learning all their different crafts. Marco then studied at the oldest culinary school in the world for a few months before leaving for America in hopes of escaping the draft in Italy. Unfortunately, he had to go back for the draft, but returned to America after and opened Ristorante Sapori. Ristorante Sapori opened in 1993 and has been one of the highest rated restaurants in South Florida since. The restaurant is known for their amazing homemade pasta and daily fresh fish. One of Marcoís signature dishes at Sapori is the Sweet and Sour Salmon that heís been making for more than thirty-five years. The dish starts with a salmon filet encrusted with sesame seeds and is then topped with julienne vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. His other signature dish is the Snapper Siciliana served with diced eggplant, tomatoes, capers, and basil. The seafood selection varies daily depending on what Marco is able to purchase fresh that day. There are staples on the menu including different veal and chicken dishes along with Marcoís incredible, homemade pasta. Marco believes in treating all his employees and positions at the restaurant as equal. There are no titles and everyone takes on responsibilities in their specific department as they work as a team to accomplish their goals. As a result the staff is exceptionally efficient, friendly, and professional. Sapori does not spend any money on marketing because their most effective marketing strategy has always been word of mouth. Customers rave about Saporiís delicious food, incredible staff, and beautiful atmosphere.  Itís no wonder that Ristorante Sapori has received countless four-star reviews and ratings. For one of the best dining experiences in all of South Florida, make sure you stop by and try all the wonderful things Ristorante Sapori has to offer ñ you wonít be disappointed!

301 Via De Palmas
Boca Raton, FL 33432