River Bleu Steak & Fish, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

River Bleu Steak & Fish which can be found at the RiverGate shopping center serves as the newest creation from Chef Freddy Lee.Bleu Restaurant & Bar serves atmosphere with food, service, wine and beverage in an affordable, casual, yet upscale manner. According to its website, the food is classified as ìinventive Americanî and the menu aims towards having nothing but the freshest ingredients.Lee opened his first restaurant in 1992. He owns various other restaurants in North Carolina and South Carolina including Bernardinís Restaurant and Bluefin Seafood. River Bleu leans towards having mostly French influenced food, since Lee trained in cooking French dishes when he was a student at the Culinary Institute of America. Some of the specialty entrees include ribeye steaks, sirloin steak, filet mignon, seared diver sea scallops, goat cheese-crusted chicken and cheese ravioli.The Charlotte restaurant opened up just recently on July 19. Lee said that the restaurant does primarily more business during the lunch time. One of the chefs who helped open the restaurant, Travis Garret said that River Bleu has a classical French theme with a Southern and country influence in it.ìWe specialize steaks and seafood, not just seafood but fish in general,î Garret said.They said that the specials are very diverse and sporadic, with customers ordering more classical items during the daytime, and at the night they go for the specials and the varieties of surf and turfs.The restaurant even has a dessert menu with its special dish and well received and most requested dish being the cinnamon bun bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.There will be various activities taking place in the future such as wine tasting and wine pairings.The wine list has more cabs, southern wine and spirits. Garret said that nothing from the menu can be found in the grocery store.Compared to other restaurants, Lee said that they are different with everything being made on the house, everything from steak to seafood is hand cooked. Sauces and dressing are made from scratch, nothing is store bought.ìWe are a restaurant that serves uptown dishes without being uptown, and the prices are reasonable,î Lee said. ìSame quality if not half off. You donít have to go all the way uptown to get the uptown feel.î

14142 Rivergate Pkwy
Charlotte, NC 28273