Roosters Daytime Cafe, Jensen Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Roosters Daytime Cafe is a delicious breakfast and lunch spot with a great story behind it. TJ Kronowit started working for the original owner, Marge Greene, when she opened Roosters Daytime Cafe in 2008. Margeís son Keith was a chef on Hellís Kitchen, so Keith helped his mom develop her own restaurant.When Marge was younger and got her own first apartment, she decorated her kitchen by putting a rooster on the table. Her family thought it was hilarious, and for years to come would adorn her with roosters whenever they got the chance. She asked them to stop, but as family will be family, that only made them want to give her more items decked out in poultry. Whether she wanted it to or not, roosters became a part of her life. So, when it came to her restaurant, Marge picked the location, and Keith made the menu. Keith also decided that his mom would bring her roosters to the restaurant, and they would make a theme out of it.A few years later, TJ was still helping Marge at the restaurant, but Marge was ready to retire. Meanwhile, TJís sister, Carrol Ann Kilinski, was baking cakes at home. Carrol Annís friends all told her she needed to go into business. Carrol Ann started looking for a place where she could sell her cakes, and came across Roosters ñ TJ didnít even know it was for sale. Carrol Ann told TJ she was thinking about buying a cafe, and that TJ should partner with her. Carrol Ann ended up going to check out Roosters, saw TJ there and said ìOh my gosh, this is your place!î So, naturally and seemingly destined to be, TJ and Carrol Ann bought Roosters Daytime Cafe in 2011 and have been running it ever since.Roosters Daytime Cafe is still has roosters decorated all over the restaurant, but now the majority of the decorations are gifted by customers! TJ and Carrol Ann still serve breakfast and lunch, but added speciality cakes and pies. Available in the restaurant or can be custom ordered for any event. Their most popular is the ëKey Lime Cakeí that is zesty, light and refreshing, but they have many other options, even gluten-free cakes!The Rooster Daytime Cafe sisters are happy to give back to the community. They work with Hibiscus Childrenís Center, a safe haven for abused and neglected children. On their birthday, the children get to pick out the type of cake they want, and Rooster Daytime Cafe makes and delivers it with a matching toy. Rooster Daytime Cafeís customers can even support the kids by ìAdopting a Cakeî for $30, which covers the cost. It is a great way for people that want to show their support but were unaware how.Rooster Daytime Cafe offers many delicious breakfast and lunch options. Customers love the ëGreek Omeletteí and ëWestern Omeletteí. The ëBLT Quicheí is a crowd favorite ñ a puff pastry crust, filled with bacon, spinach, roasted tomatoes and swiss cheese. The ëReuben Sandwichí is very popular, along with the ëChicken and Wafflesí. Even though Rooster Daytime Cafe is known for southern, homey food, they also provide gluten-free options including their ëBiscuits and Gravyí.If you are looking for a place to grab a bite to eat or a cake for a party in Jensen Beach, visit Rooster Daytime Cafe!

891 NE Jensen Beach Blvd
Jensen Beach, FL 34957