Royal Taj, Campbell CA | Merchant Profile

Royal Taj is an Indian restaurant located in Campbell, California. It was opened by owner Kamal Mann on August 15th, 1986, and was the first Indian restaurant in the Campbell area. Royal Taj prides itself on providing consistency in its dishes, as well as great customer service. Royal Taj has many regulars and the staff has a close relationship with its customers.One of the most popular dishes is the ìBengan Bharta,î which is eggplant that is baked and cooked with onions, tomatoes and peas. Another frequently ordered dish is marinated roasted chicken cubes and veggies, which is called ìChicken Tikka Shashlik.î ìSaag Paneer,î which is fresh spinach cooked with herbs and homemade cheese is also a fan favorite.Royal Taj has a buffet for lunch that varies each and every day. For dinner, they have a full menu and also have daily specials. Royal Tajís customers are known to love the aromas the Indian cuisine creates and always has them coming back for more and more. Many customers have been going to Royal Taj for years.Royal Taj has received many awards and recognitions from the Metro magazine and this year it was named the #1 Indian restaurant in the metro. Royal Taj really hones in on providing a traditional experience and does so by also having Indian beverages such as Lassi and Indian tea. The combination of cuisine and drinks makes for a great dining experience and always has its customers leaving happy and satisfied.

1350 Camden Ave
Campbell, CA 95008