Rusted Crow, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

What started as a distillery in Dearborn Heights, Michigan has expanded to a full-service restaurant and bar in Detroit. Rusted Crow Distillery opened in 2013 under owner Joe Schebel who aimed to bring Michigan high quality, premium spirits that are made right in-state. They distill their own vodka, gin, rum, and moonshine. As their production increased, Joe decided to expand to Detroit where he and his brother-in-law, Freddy Giordono, designed and constructed the Rusted Crow restaurant and bar. It opened in July of 2016 and has gained a stellar reputation within the community since.Everything at the restaurant is made using the freshest and finest ingredients. The menu has a nice selection of appetizers, salads & sandwiches, burgers, and entrees. Rusted Crow really puts emphasis on their fantastic, high quality burgers. It all starts with their premium, custom ground patties from Fairway Meat Packing. From there they have a variety of fun and creative recipes to try. The Cheesesteak burger is one of their newest additions that is made with sweet peppers, caramelized onions, portobello mushrooms, and house made cheese sauce. Other favorites off the menu are their Fish Tacos, Chicken Carbonara, and Pico Burger.Of course, Rusted Crow also has a full bar stocked with their delicious spirits and drinks. The restaurant even has a merchantís license that allows them to sell their own bottles of alcohol for retail! Rusted Crowís cocktail list focuses on drinks that utilize their homemade spirits. Rosemaryís Baby is a popular choice made with Rusted Crowís Detroit Steamed Vodka, grapefruit juice, rosemary syrup, lime juice, and ginger beer. Rusted Crowís vodka is a fan favorite because it is 100% made from corn, which makes it naturally gluten-free. The bartenders and waitstaff at Rusted Crow are great at showing customers their spirits and the history behind them.All in all, the Rusted Crow is the perfect place to enjoy cold drinks with friends or a nice family meal. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a friendly, energetic, and hardworking staff. The design and decor of Rusted Crow is topnotch giving it a very relaxing, industrial, and laid back ambiance. The next time youíre in Detroit and craving a delicious meal and one-of-a-kind drink, make sure to stop by the Rusted Crow- you wonít be disappointed!

78 W Adams Ave
Detroit, MI 48226