Rusty Nail Lounge, Canton MI | Merchant Profile

The Rusty Nail Lounge is a family owned restaurant in Canton, Michigan,  founded in August, 1976 and is celebrating their 40th anniversary this upcoming August (2016). The ownerís daughter-in-law, Amy, now helps run the restaurant and is a proud manager of this cozy, ìfamily-typeî place. Amy was married into this business and loves working to make it the best it can be. This bar style food has classic burgers, nachos, tacos, etc. and is famous for its fish.There are different specials each day of the week, but on Fridayís, the Rusty Nail Lounge almost always has a line out the door because people come in for their fish special. A whole order of fish comes with three pieces of Haddock, as well as french fries, a warm roll with butter, and coleslaw all for $11.95. A half order has two pieces instead of three.A fabulous fish deal is not the only thing that keeps customers coming in on Friday nights. Additionally, there is weekly entertainment beginning at 8:30. The bands differ each week but they are usually of the classic rock genre and only 2-3 people given that there is not much room. Bands similar to the Eagles have performed there and seem to be a fan favorite. Another draw factor about the Rusty Nail Lounge is that there is great service. Most of its employees have worked there for years on end and have many regular customers. The comfortability of this restaurant is truly a unique experience and has its customers leaving with smiles on their faces and taste buds satisfied.The Rusty Nail Lounge prides itself on the saying that ìsimple is best.î Though over the years the bar and grill has had updates and renovations, the cozy and family feel remains the same. The kitchen in itself is small, thus simple dishes are the best route for the Rusty Nail Lounge. Minimal menu changes have been made in the past 40 years and people are still coming in from all over Michigan for its food and entertainment.

43845 Ford Rd
Canton, MI 48187