Saffron & Curry Fine Indian Cuisine, Delray Beach FL | Merchant Profile

The first Indian style restaurant in Delray, Saffron & Curry Fine Indian Cuisine has brought an eclectic menu to the area, serving fresh, quality food, with the utmost authenticity. Part owner Abul Shirajee has sought to bring Northern Indian style food to Florida and has done so successfully, gaining widespread notoriety for his delicious dishes that are rich in flavor. Pair the great food with the welcoming environment, and customers will find Saffron and Curry sports an upscale dining experience in a non-pretentious manner. The location is simplistic, yet upscale, and the decor is nothing short of impressive. Stopping in for a bite will ensure a cultural and comfortable experience. To start, the Appetizers provide a great insight into the quality of dishes that Saffron & Curry have to offer. The Vegetable Samosa or Pakora are a great way to get things going. The Samosa are two Patties filled with Potato and Peas, and the Pakora is a crispy, light Fritter, made of seasonal vegetables. For the meat appetizers, The Keema Samosa is an excellent choice, a pastry stuffed with ground meat, either Chicken or Beef. The dishes are prepared fresh, offering several options to choose from that will adhere to newcomers as well as seasoned veterans of the cuisine. The Chicken Tikka Masala is by far the most popular item, broiled in a tandoor, and cooked in a Creamy Tomato Sauce. Another option worth trying, is the Saffron & Curry and Special Duck which is Duck cooked with Curry Sauce and Herbs. Of the fish options, the restaurant offers Fish Tikka Solemani which is fresh Fish marinated with their House Special Sauce.When taking a look at the Lamb options, the Lamb or Goat Jalfrezi is popular, which is Lamb or Goat cooked with special herbs. The Goat VIndaloo is great as well, Goat Chunks cooked in Hot Tangy Sauce with potatoes. For the meat lovers that want a taste of everything, the restaurant provides a Saffron & Curry Mixed Grill made with Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Hariyali, Lamb Kabob, and Tandoori Shrimp. Unique to Saffron & Curry, the kitchen also specialized in Indo-Chinese Specialties such as their Chili Chicken, comprised of Chicken cooked in Hot and Tangy Soy Chili Sauce. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options, always seeking to provide something for everyone. The Palak Paneer is certainly worth trying, made with Homemade Cheese Cubes Cooked with Spinach. Customers can also choose to indulge in Navratan Korma, Garden Fresh Vegetables cooked in a Creamy Sauce. Also providing authentic Biryani, Saffron & Curry Special Biryani is a top choice, made of Basmati Rice cooked with Vegetables, Chicken, and Chef’s Special Spices. To pair with each meal, the restaurant has an extensive list of fresh, homemade breads that are cooked in their Clay Oven. Of the thirteen different options, the Tandoori Naan is top notch, a Plain Indian Fluffy Bread cooked in the clay ovenThe desserts bring the entire meal full circle, offering authentic Indian options that implement the Saffron & Curry signature style. Of the Ice Creams, they do order traditional Vanilla as well as Kesar Mango, and Falooda Kulfi which is Rose flavored. Of the various options the restaurant has, the customer can be confident they will have something to adhere to everyone√≠s taste. Abul and his team are constantly thinking of new ways to please their customers, and in doing so have become one of the premiere restaurants to visit while in Delray. The food is authentic and the environment is more than inviting making it a must while in the area.

2222 West Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33445