Saiko Sushi, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Saiko Sushi, saiko pronounced ìpsychoî, means ìthe bestî or ìtop of the lineî in Japanese. One of the owners, Sami, has been the driving force at Saiko. She started in the beginning, about fourteen years ago, with the previous owner. About a year ago the original owner left to pursue different ventures, and Sami took over 50% ownership, and her partner Patty took the remaining 50%. The manager, Coco, has been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. Throughout that time, Coco has lived back and forth between Hawaii and San Jose. Coco happened to be back in San Jose and went to Saiko to say hello to old friends. When he found out Saiko was sold and the new partners were his long time friends, everything fell into place. Coco took over as the manager, letting Sami focus the majority of her time as the head sushi chef. Very few Japanese restaurants in the area are actually Japanese owned, and none of them have a Japanese woman as their sushi chef. Sami is definitely a traditionalist; she enjoys focusing more on quality ingredients and simplicity. Although, Sami understands that many people in San Jose enjoy more contemporary sushi rolls. Saikoís style is unique – they are a nontraditional Japanese restaurant with a traditional Japanese sushi chef who is a woman.Saiko Sushiís top seller is their ëTeriyaki Chicken Bentoí. Their ëPoke Nachosí are quickly gaining popularity, ready to replace the bento as the number one seller – and they are not even on the menu! Coco explained that as a Hawaiian guy, poke is near and dear to his heart. The true Hawaiian flavors make it the best poke in San Jose. Their ëBaked Alaskaí is one of their most popular sushi rolls; a California roll base topped with salmon and Japanese mayo, baked in the oven and sprinkled with unagi sauce. The ëSaiko Spicyí is another customer favorite – a spicy tuna roll with slices of spicy tuna sashimi on top. Love sake? Try an ëApple Bombí, sake dropped in sweet Angry Orchard hard cider. The ëRoot Beer Bombí is equally delicious! Everyone at the restaurant considers each other and their customers as family. Customers love Saiko Sushi for their traditional foundation but creative signature rolls. In Japanese, tabemono means food, and nomimono means drink. Saiko combined those words to come up with a slogan to represent themselves. ìTabe Nomi Monoî sums up what they do – good food, good drinks and a good time. 

1621 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95132