Sakana, Harrisburg PA | Merchant Profile

Jones Salken has owned Sakana since 2006. He started his culinary career at a pizza place at the age of 16. Through high school and college he always had jobs in restaurants. Though he really enjoyed the work, he never saw himself staying in the business, as he had his sights set on medical school. After working as a maitreíd in several high-end restaurants he had an epiphany. He decided to forgo medical school and do what really made him happy and open a restaurant. He enjoys managing and growing his business and tells us heís not the boss because the customers are the real boss. Sakanaís most popular menu item is the Mt. Fuji Roll made with shrimp, crabmeat, and cucumber topped with baked salmon. Another specialty roll is the Godzilla Roll featuring deep fried spicy tuna with avocado and topped with tobiko, scallions,and eel sauce. Hibachi Entrees include soup, salad, and green tea with a choice of fried rice or sautÈed noodles. The chef will expertly grill your choice of steak, shrimp, chicken, lobster, or vegetables right before your eyes. Sakana specializes in Japanese cuisine from sushi to hibachi. Jones is proud of the fact that they use only the finest ingredients including free-range-organic chicken and Prime Angus Reserve steaks. They source locally to bring the freshest produce to the dinner table and are always innovating new rolls. Jones invites you to bring family and friends to Sakanaís festive environment and taste the difference quality makes.

2308 Patton Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112