Salerno’s, Tampa FL | Merchant Profile

Bringing homemade authentic Italian to Tampa, Salernoís takes a simple concept and elevates it to new heights with their top notch cuisine. Everything is made from scratch and the dishes are held to a higher standard within the restaurant. The team at Salernoís doesn’t cut corners and their efforts are prevalent with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. The influx of Italian food is something that will always be relevant but Salernoís separates themselves from the replicators, rightfully earning their niche as one of the top places to visit while in the area.The restaurant prides itself on providing something for everyone, always adhering to everyone’s taste. The dishes hit the nail on the head when considering authentic Italian, and the stress on a genuine and trustworthy experience is nothing short of impressive. The New York style pizza is an obvious choice for newcomers, but the option of ordering St. Louis style makes the restaurant unique, being the only location to offer the midwestern delicacy. The pizza is crafted with a provel cheese over a thin crust and the signature option is a must try while visiting the location. The quiet and quaint location is perfect for all dining experiences and certainly adds the finishing touch on what makes Salernoís great. The willingness to go the extra step for customers of the utmost importance and the staff at the restaurant do just that. The spaghetti, calzones, paired with the classic Italian options are sure to provide the best of the best, and each dish is served in healthy portions ensuring customer satisfaction Stopping in not only guarantees a genuine and trustworthy experience, but also a memorable one.

6742 Memorial Hwy.
Tampa, FL 33615