Sal’s Family Pizza, Franklin TN | Merchant Profile

Owner Bob Akhundjanov wants to welcome you to Salís Family Pizza. He particularly stresses the word family in the restaurantís name. Bob explains this is a neighborhood restaurant. where all types of children’s sports teams are welcomed to carb load before the big game or celebrate after winning a championship. He and his staff are all local and take great pride in being part of the wonderful Franklin community.According to Bob, if you really want a quality pizza, check out a restaurant’s pizza oven. You want to make sure your pizza will be cooked in a fired oven where the pizza is actually cooked while resting on a pizza stone and not riding around on a conveyer belt. Salís features hand stretched pizzas. Hand stretching a pizza takes more time and requires considerable training and practice. However, it is the best way to feature the housemade pizza dough. The pizza features only the best imported Italian cheeses ground and blended on site. The pizza sauce is also housemade using the ripest tomatoes. The meat and vegetable  toppings are the freshest and finest available. Salís Family Pizza has made the unique choice to craft pizza the best way, offering an authentic New York style pizza. The attention to detail and quality are amazing. While Salís will deliver they have eschewed the now common practice using outside vendors. They have an employee of the restaurant make the delivery so Bob is sure he can control the quality of even the delivery. Besides pizza, the menu features a selection of salads and sandwiches. And amazing homemade pasta dishes including a spectacular  meat lasagna derived from an authentic Sicilian recipe. If you’re up for a challenge grab a friend and take on the Godfather. The Godfather Challenge; you and a partner have 30 minutes, 60 minutes for solo challengers, to devour a 36î diameter cheese pizza. To date nobody has been able to whack the Godfather. Salís Family Pizza is everything you could want in an inviting, comfortable, local neighborhood restaurant. For more information see,

595 Hillsboro Rd
Franklin, TN 37064