Salt on the Water, Merrick NY | Merchant Profile

One of the very few places left in Long Island located on the Bay, Salt on the Water is a restaurant that drives their focus on providing an excellent experience with quality, fresh food. Owners Matt Demar, Rob Verderosa, and John star have been in the industry their entire lives and have chosen Salt as their next success. Being open for just a month, Salt has already gained some newfound notoriety, catching the attention of locals in the area seeking a welcoming experience surrounded by good food and great people. The historic property was once owned by the family that owns the mirena, but Matt, Rob, and John have taken over, and are ready to make the upcoming summer a special one with Salt.   Adorned with a classic nautical vibe, Salt brings the experience full circle making the mirena their center piece. The focus is to make it fun and satisfying, and so far, they have done so very well. Chef Victor heads the kitchen and drives out rich and flavorful dishes that are worth coming in and trying. With everything being made fresh, the customer can really taste the difference in comparison to other restaurants. The seafood is purchased the morning of, and everything on their menu is made to order. Their starters are very popular including their Fried Calamari, their Thai Mussels, along with their signature fish tacos. Their Big Burgers are also worth trying, especially the Soft Shell Crab Burger, cleverly constructed to resemble like a crab sitting on bread. Salt on the Water seeks to make their eating experience fun, and it shows with each of their dishes. Southern style, the restaurant also serves Chicken with Waffles as well as Shrimp with Grits, which are a very popular menu item. Genuine food certainly comes from genuine people and the guys at Salt on the Water aim to please each of their customers on a consistent basis. The view is great, and Matt Rob and John are there everyday, working to create a well thought out representation of their restaurant. The quality of the food is important, and the service is just as good, if not better. Located at 3100 Whaleneck Drive, Salt on the Water is a definite must while in the Merrick area.

3100 Whaleneck Dr.
Merrick, NY 11566