Same Same, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Introducing a new wave and a breath of fresh air to the Philadelphia area, Same Same has enveloped top notch Vietnamese cuisine, taking quality and consistency and holding them to a higher standard. Owners Michael Crostarosa and Chad Kubanoff have known each other since childhood and after have taken on this endeavor head on, their full fledged efforts have proven be a success with the concept they have introduced to the area. Having lived in Vietnam for seven years, Chad was immersed into the culture and meticulously studied the culinary craft from top to bottom. In doing so he has been able to encapsulate the cuisine to the highest degree, and with the help from Michael and his passion to fuel the restaurant to greater heights, they have created a concept that is nothing short of remarkable. The ingredients and authenticity is as top notch as it gets, Chad and Michael are always seeking to improve and elevate the experience time after time and do so seamlessly. The incorporation of some Philly twists provides a uniqueness to the cuisine type while not sacrificing the authenticity or the richness to the various options. The Bahn Mi is where the restaurant really shines, made with their fresh, flaky bread, cucumber, cilantro, jalapenos, scallions, pickled vegetables, and seasoned mayo. The Vietnamese/Hoagie fusion provides options like the caramelized pork, spicy chicken thigh, lemongrass chicken, crispy tofu, and pork sausage among several others. No matter the instance they have something to adhere to everyoneís palate, making for an excellent experience time after time. Always paying close attention to detail, the options are as consistent as it comes, from front to back, Chad, Michael, and their team are top notch in their process. Pairing tradition with the Philly brand makes them not only unique but something to behold when visiting in the area because their concept simply cannot be found anywhere else. The healthy options combined with flavor and hearty portions make for a memorable experience time after time making their satisfying dishes a must while visiting the area.

614 N 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123