Sansushito, Hollywood FL | Merchant Profile

Sansushito has embodied the distinct flavors of Japanese cuisine and pairs it seamlessly with Peruvian ingredients, delivering them with sheer quality and consistency. Owner Bruno Ruiz has derived the unique style from his brother in law who came up with the idea, and then used his culinary passions to raise the endeavor to greater heights. In doing so, the restaurant has enveloped not only something new and creative, but has fused two authentic cultures and allows them to compliment each other to a greater standard. The vast popularity the restaurant has gained is well earned and the close attention to detail Bruno and his team put to the forefront makes it a top dining choice while in the area. Meticulous in finding the best of the best, Bruno sources the freshest ingredients possible with the thought in mind of never sacrificing the quality he is able to provide. In doing so, the dishes hit the nail on the head time after time, and that can attest to the widespread notoriety that has been attained. The Ceviche Roll is an option worth indulging in, a roll filled with marinated fish, covered with a subtle sauce of aji amarillo, then topped with strings of fried sweet potato. The Steak Stir Fry Roll comes highly favored as well, a juicy and savory option topped with stringed french fries. Sansushito combines traditional wok style Fried Rice dishes with multiple unique sauces creating an envelopment of eclectic flavors that customers return for time after time. From top to bottom the concept at the restaurant is nothing short of remarkable and the option to give the cuisine a try is something to behold. Bruno puts his full fledged efforts into his concept and his culinary expertise shines to the highest degree. Stopping in ensures a welcoming experience paired with fantastic food that simply cannot be found anywhere else. While in Hollywood the option to give this a try is simply a must, not only because of the fusion between two outstanding cuisines, but the honest and genuine nature paired with the quality of food encapsulates a full circle dining experience.

121 N 20th Ave
Hollywood, FL 33020