Sapporo East, Mechanicsburg PA | Merchant Profile

Closely paying attention to detail and crafting the best of the best, Sapporo East has become a cornerstone to the area, gaining widespread notoriety for their top notch dishes. Owner Henry Huang has worked in the industry his entire life and has mastered the concept from top to bottom. His culinary expertise fuels Sapporo East and the dishes encapsulate the best of the best while in the area. The consistency is bar none and the elegant atmosphere compliments the whole experience to the utmost degree. Having been open since 2001 can attest to the simple fact Henry has driven this powerhouse to the highest degree, making it a must while visiting the area. Creating a unique style incorporating traditional and modern, Henry takes his cuisine to new heights, offering something that cannot be found anywhere else in the area. They source the best fish possible, being meticulous in what they used to craft their highly regarded sushi option. Their specialty rolls sell the most, offering a vast array of options for customers to indulge in. The Shrimp Tempura Roll is widely popular, crafted with Shrimp Tempura, cucumber, Green Leaf Lettuce, and Japanese Mayo. Henry and his team pay close attention to detail and their efforts are prevalent with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. Everything in the kitchen is made from scratch promising a trustworthy and genuine experience with each visit. They receive the best ingredients for their customers to indulge in and the unique fusion of old and new immerses customers into something they haven’t experienced before. The restaurant offers takeout if that is preferred, and the Sapporo also offers the option to host parties or business meetings. No matter the situation, stopping in and dining at the restaurant not only will create a quality experience but a memorable one as well.

4612 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050