Saquella Cafe, Boca Raton FL | Merchant Profile

If it wasnít for his parentís dislike of his girlfriend, Avi Sekerel may have never begun his career as a successful restauranteur. In order to split the pair up, Aviís parents sent him from home in Israel to study at a private school in Switzerland. The life event pretty much triggered his entire love for restaurants. Avi came to America as a part of his business school program. Avi explained that he is grateful that he got his bachelor’s degree in business because it gave him the opportunity to learn finance and accounting. Avi was able to combine the traditional Swiss way of hospitality and aggressive American business practices into 15 different restaurants all over the world. Aviís first establishment was called El Taco Rico, a small Mexican restaurant in Miami. Unfortunately, in 1992, Hurricane Andrew took the roof off of El Taco Rico and destroyed the restaurant. Avi ended up collecting the insurance money and investing in his second restaurant, Carolina Cafe. Carolina Cafe had thirty-three feet of open kitchen BBQ where they roasted four one-hundred pound pigs each day! Following that endeavor, Avi moved back home to Israel, where he partnered in quite a few restaurants. The biggest was Bellini, an Italian restaurant that brought in tremendous sales and was leading in the Italian cuisine scene. After Avi and his American wife started a family, they decided to move back to Florida. In a way, Avi was half retired and was not looking for anything in particular to jump into. That all changed when he realized he could not find a decent place to drink coffee. Back in Israel, Avi and his partners imported Sequella Coffee from Italy. Avi had a great relationship with this boutique, gourmet coffee that is sold all around the world, so decided to bring it to Boca Raton. In 2005, Avi opened a small cafe in Boca that quickly grew into something much, much bigger. ìI am trying to teach my kids that everything you do in life, you better do it the best way. Donít ever look for shortcuts.î Avi proclaimed. Avi is a chef by training, and when he opened Saquella Cafe he created something new and different. Saquella Cafe was very forward-thinking with its creative menu and vibrant European decor. The counter and all the cases were custom made and imported from Italy and gave the illusion of a little storefront in Rome or Milan. In the beginning, the menu was short; limited to a few breakfast options, coffees, and some sandwiches. The sandwiches were immensely different than anything else offered in the area, and really changed Aviís whole approach to the menu. The ëTuscan Omeletteí is a one-egg pesto omelette topped with caramelized onion jam and melted creamy brie cheese. You have never had anything like it. Avi said, ìPeople love that sandwich so much that they told us to trademark it, itís so good.îSaquella Cafe were pioneers in almost everything. They introduced salad for breakfast from day one. Avi explained that back in 2005, their three side dishes they offered (and they still offer today) were a side salad with raspberry vinaigrette, roasted sweet potatoes, and quinoa salad. Most people had no idea what quinoa was in 2005! Another delicacy Avi brought from Switzerland was muesli; about twenty different kinds of raw, organic seeds and oats that are soaked in yogurt. The enzymes in the yogurt soften the blend and is served with fresh honey and apples. Absolutely delicious! People visit Saquella Cafe excited to receive something different from the not-so-typical menu. When Avi first opened, he had only two panini presses – thatís it. His guests kept asking for more and more, so they eventually added dinner and renovated the kitchen. ìIf I would have to describe it, it is a European gem in the busy Boca environment but a great value for your money,î claimed Avi, proudly. When you walk into Saquella Cafe you get the best of the best. Avi strongly believes that if you give your guests the best value for a reasonable price, they will learn to love it. Once you taste something good, you know how to differentiate. Avi explained it as, ìSay you go to Starbucks all your life and drink coffee. One day you come to Saquella Cafe and drink a cappuccino and think, ëOh my gosh where have I been my entire life!íî Avi said that when he rented in 2005, the landlord asked him if he wanted to put no competition restrictions on the lease. Avi said, ìNo, I want you to bring a Starbucks next door to me! They bring the people and I will steal them because people will be fascinated by (Saquella Cafeís) great quality!îFollowing Saquella Cafe, Avi opened Prosecco Cafe in Palm Beach Gardens in 2010. This very successful cafe has the same logic behind it – value for your money at a neighborhood cafe. Avi has many snowbird guests that call him up and ask to have items shipped to their homes up north. Avi most recently partnered with GL Homes to share his amazing concept in their luxurious community. Avi invites Starbucks lovers to try Saquella Cafe, and while you are falling in love with the coffee, try one of their famous dishes.  

410 Via De Palmas
Boca Raton, FL 33432