Scampi, Portsmouth RI | Merchant Profile

Providing an elegant view with the cuisine to match, Scampi takes the culinary experience to heightened levels, creating a full circle experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Cozily niched in Portsmouth, the restaurant raises the dining experience to a higher level, holding quality and service to the utmost importance. Having been around since 2007, the restaurant has earned its spot as a staple to the area, becoming a must for locals and visitors alike. The owner John holds his restaurant to a higher standard and the efforts that he puts forth are nothing short of impressive. Hiring a new chef, John has sought to give the customers the best of the best and has done so seamlessly. The chef driven menu can attest to the quality and consistency that Scampy has put forth. The Cold Water Salmon is worth trying as well as the Filet Mignon, and eight ounce aged choice beef tenderloin. All meals are served in healthy portions ensuring an experience that does not disappoint by any means.The family style atmosphere encompasses a fantastic time no matter what the situation. The restaurant houses a large, spacious tent outside for customers to relax and enjoy eachotherís company in. The provide beautifully set on site catering for customers to be immersed in an experience in and of itself. The restaurant provides live entertainment on Friday, providing a perfect spot to get the weekend started off right. Stopping in guarantees a genuine experience that is sure to have guests returning time after time.

657 Park Ave.
Portsmouth, RI 02871