Scratch Kitchen & Catering, Newport RI | Merchant Profile

Fueled by the brother sister duo, Stephanie and Kyle Bennett encompass a true down home experience, providing homemade foods that spark a nostalgia for all customers that walk through their doors. The elegantly set restaurant provides the best of the best comfort food, and having just been around for a year and a half, sets an impressive standard for others seeking to replicate their unique concept. The Bennetts and their team cut no corners in the experience they provide and showcase their true talents in their endeavors at Scratch Kitchen & Catering. Stopping in guarantees a familiar experience place at an elevated level, making them a must while in Newport.As the name would infer, the kitchen crafts everything from scratch, ensuring the utmost quality for each of their guests. They place the quality at a higher level and do so with precise perfection, keeping quality and consistency a top priority for each and every dish that exits the kitchen. The menu is grilled cheese centric, taking a simple concept and raising it to new heights. Crafted in gourmet fashion, Kyle runs the culinary masterpiece full force and comes up with the upscale ideas that make Scratch Kitchen nothing short of remarkable. A superb sandwich choice, the Portagoose, is crafted with sliced Chourico, Sauteed Bell Pepper and Spanish Onion, Melted Pepper Jack Cheese, and Roasted Garlic Aioli. The sandwich can attest to the true creativity Kyle puts forth in making Scratch Kitchen what it is.The sandwiches do not stop there, with almost twenty on the menu, the options certainly cater to anyone and everyone√≠s needs. The griddle is the cornerstone of the menu so naturally crafting gourmet grilled cheeses is a top specialty of the the popular eatery. The Sup Shorty? Is a great item with a unique name, comprised of a Cabernet Braised Short Rib, with Fried Onions, Gruyere Cheese, and Bacon Tomato Jam. The creativity is bar none, and it shows the true effort the team at Scratch Kitchen seeks to encapsulate. Grilled cheese is not their only specialty, the house always carries four homemade soups that are cycled and made better and better with their fresh ingredients. The restaurant also carries salads and wraps for healthier options if that is preferred. The staff takes pride in what they do and prioritize making the customer feel like a guest above all else. They make suggestions, offer a friendly experience, and immerse each customer into the ambiance of Scratch Kitchen and Catering. Obviously, the location does catering for all sorts of events if that is preferred, and while visiting Newport provides  top notch dishes that are certainly worth trying.

88 Broadway
Newport, RI 02840