Second Street Sub Shop, Royal Oak MI | Merchant Profile

Second Street Sub Shop is a historic eatery in its neighborhood known for the best subs in town. It has been open since 1998, but recently switched ownership in 2015. Kelly Garcia and her brother-in-law now run the shop and are determined to carry on the shopís legacy. Kelly was a general manager while her brother-in-law was a chef in the restaurant business and together they have over twenty years of experience. Kelly focuses on running the front of the house while her brother-in-law has taken over the sandwich making. Second Street Sub Shop is famous for their larger than life subs. Their four-inch sub can easily fill someone up for lunch and their eight-inch sub is great for those with a larger appetite. They also offer twelve-inch subs that are huge can easily feed two or even three people. The most popular sub they make is their Italian, which has mortadella, salami, genoa, and provolone. The 2nd Street Special is another favorite amongst customers, which is basically a monstrous version of the Italian with added ham, pepperoni, and American cheese. And when they call their subs monsters theyíre not joking. A monster eight-inch sub can weigh up to three pounds! The Second Street Sub Shop offers more than just subs as well. You can get a º pound hot dog or choose from a variety of tasty salads and sides. Kelly and her partner have done a great job of keeping the Sub Shopís tradition alive while also adding their own touch and flare to the restaurant and menu. The Second Street Sub Shopís biggest goal is making sure that every customer leaves happy and full. So, for one of the biggest and most delicious subs youíll ever have, make sure to check out the Second Street Sub Shop today!

108 2nd Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067