[sek’end sun], Queens NY | Merchant Profile

Derrek Vernon and Jay Zimmerman opened [sekíend sun] in the middle of 2014. The intriguing name is a personal play on words to Derrek and Jay, both being the second son to their parents. This is also their second bar together, the first being Basik in Williamsburg. They decided to come to Queens because they wanted to expand their brand and build a comfortable bar environment. They wanted to create a place where people could feel at ease coming in by themselves or with their girlfriend or grandmother. [sekíend sun] offers creative cocktails and New American fare. The ëA Good Burgerí is a great choice, topped with cheddar, BBQ mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and fried egg. The ëSigmundís Pretzelí is a delicious starter; freshly baked soft pretzels served with whiskey-beer cheese and spicy mustard. The ëBlack Baby Grandí is a popular refreshing cocktail. Derrek and Jay felt that Queens had a lot of young professionals who do not get the New York City or Brooklyn experience in terms of dining and bars. They wanted to offer an atmosphere to Queens with great cocktails and food that people don’t have to go into Manhattan to find.

32-11 Broadway
Queens, NY 11106