Sempre Fame Gourmet Grill & BBQ Catering, Floral Park NY | Merchant Profile

From humble beginnings to widespread success, Sempre Fame has taken a simple, genuine concept and turned it into one of the most popular places to eat in the Floral Park area. Brothers Chris and John Cavallo unknowingly began this venture manning the grill at a tailgate for free tickets to a New York Giants game. After that day they got asked to cater for a 40th birthday party and they haven’t looked back since. The business evolved into a catering service then as of October 2013 they brought their talents to the storefront and have been serving some of the best food that is nothing short of impressive.Sempre Fame gained its name from Chris and Johnís background, always visiting Italy when they were younger and diving into all of the food head first. Sempre Fame was always a phrase tied to their love of the Italian cuisine meaning ìalways hungry,î and they have transitioned that into their restaurant today. The food raises the bar, completely elevating the culinary experience with affordable gourmet dishes. The implementation of their own take on classic dishes is what really sets them apart, always finding creative new ways to heighten the experience for all of their guests.  A popular dish, the Brisket Wrap stuffed with Mac & Cheese and Bacon, is served in a healthy portion and simply remarkable being that there is nothing seen like it before. They smoke all of their meats on sight and this is implemented in their widely favored ribs. After being smoked for three and a half hours, they pull right off the bone and are reason to come in themselves. They always put their own little twist on their dishes and that can be seen with their Corned Beef and Reuben sandwiches. They smoke both of the meats creating a unique, signature flavor that cannot be found anywhere elseEverything on the menu is made from scratch, to ensure the utmost freshness for each of their customers. Indulging in the Brisket Bacon Melt is highly recommended as well as their Legs and Thighs as they brine, season, smoke, then grill them. The hand cut Fries bring the meal full circle as well as their various homemade sides like the coleslaw and Mac & Cheese. Just like when they started, they offer on site catering, bringing their own grills and burners to prepare the food freshly. The personal family feel that Sempre Fame offers is one to be experienced and is a must try while in Floral Park.

374 Tulip Ave.
Floral Park, NY 11001