Shabo’s Barbecue, Hollywood FL | Merchant Profile

Shaboís Barbecue is an American/Mediterranean fusion restaurant that specializes in Egyptian and Moroccan cuisine. Shabo is the owner of the restaurant who originally bought it as a hookah bar then turned it into the restaurant it is known as today. The design of the restaurant was created day by day and incorporates both the Moroccan and Egyptian cultures. The menu consists of a mixture of Egyptian, Moroccan, and American cuisine including barbecue, kebobs, pitas, and burgers. All the ingredients used are fresh and high quality, while their meats are Halal and grass-fed. One of the most popular dishes is the Falafel that is made with fresh cilantro and fava beans instead of chickpeas like most other falafel recipes. It gives the dish a fresh new flavor and texture that isnít found in most other Mediterranean restaurants. The Hummus is another popular pick that is extremely creamy and rich. The restaurant has a great selection of authentic entrees as well. The Moroccan Lamb Couscous is a fan favorite along with the Beef Shawarma Platter and Gyro Platter. Ninety percent of the menu can also be made gluten-free for customers with dietary restrictions and there are also vegan and vegetarian options as well. The desserts are homemade and cooked to order along with the majority of their food and their signature Chocolate Lava Cake is the most popular.  In addition to their eclectic array of food, Shaboís Barbecue also offers a wide variety of different beverages. They serve beer, wine, smoothies, coffees and have over thirty-five flavors of organic teas. Shaboís even offers hookah for customers to enjoy and has a huge assortment of tobacco flavors to pick from. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly where guests are invited to sit back and enjoy their time. There is outdoor seating as well and the staff is all helpful and attentive. For guests who donít have time to dine-in, Shaboís offers take-out and delivery services. They even offer catering services for parties and events large or small. The next time youíre in the area, make sure to stop by Shaboís Barbecue for a unique experience and meal that you wonít find anywhere else!

1840 Harrison St
Hollywood, FL 33020