Silantra Asian Street Kitchen, Lancaster PA | Merchant Profile

Cindy Lam and Sam Guo are the founders of Silantra Asian Street Kitchen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While they were in college Chipotle was becoming increasingly popular. They had an epiphany about developing fast casual Asian-American cuisine with a healthy twist, that allowed customers to build their own meals. They opened Silantra in August 2015. Unlike a typical fast casual Asian restaurant, their food is natural and fresh; no msg or extra oil goes into the ingredients. Their goal is to change the way people see Chinese American food. The name of the restaurant came about by happy accident. Cindy and Sam were thinking of calling it Cilantro, but wanted something more original. When they were ordering kitchen equipment, someone wrote ìsilantraî on the invoice instead, and the name stuck.At Silantra, customers create their own wrap or bowl with their choice of protein, veggies, rice, and homemade sauce. Cindy and Sam took traditional Asian recipes and deconstructed them so customers can customize their meal and be aware of exactly what goes into it.  The scallion pancake wraps are a unique creation of Samís. The were developed based on a traditional Chinese crepe recipe, with veggies and sauce inside, which resembles a burrito. In order to fit more food, they developed the batter recipe to be a little more similar to a tortilla. The wraps are made daily in house. They grow their own scallions, which can be seen growing around the restaurant. They chop the scallions, mix them into the batter, and hand press them daily. Cindy and Samís favorite is a brown rice wrap with chicken, onions, wasabi coleslaw, curry, creamy house sauce; it is a creamy and spicy creation. If you are vegetarian, donít worry, they have portabella mushrooms as a protein option. Other ingredients include coconut rice, organic brown rice, fresh veggies, and six delicious homemade sauces. Cindy recommends the mandarin orange vinaigrette. For dessert, try a slice of Japanese cheesecake with matcha powder. Silantra also serves some alcoholic beverages. They have beer, wine, and slushi-ritas, which are refreshing, blended margaritas. The atmosphere at Silantra Asian Street Kitchen is modern, and has an artistic flair. Cindy and Sam made the tables from unfinished tree trunks, so the environment has a personal touch. Silantra is open Monday- Saturday until 10 PM. Check it out for a unique take on healthy and fast Asian American cuisine!

101 East King St
Lancaster, PA 17602