Simply Natural Cafe, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Enveloping a fresh, genuine nature and putting it the forefront, Simply Natural Cafe immerses customers into a qualitative and consistent concept that is held to a higher standard. Owners and partners Richard and Shahrooz Peral have taken an honest and trustworthiness passion to deliver all organic and quality menu options to locals and visitors alike. Doing so successfully, they have earned their niche in the community as a go to place for those who want something good for them that doesn’t sacrifice in flavor. The desire for the duo to deliver something special is prevalent from top to bottom and their efforts are nothing short of remarkable. With a heavy mediterranean influence, the team at the Cafe hit the nail on the head across the board making it a must while in the area.The chef fueled menu is fueled by Cordon Bleu influence as well as a team that has specialized in the cuisine their entire lives. The prevalence of  knowledge is apparent with each dish that comes out of the kitchen and the consistent manner in which everything is delivered. The Gourmet Sabzi is a Persian specialty worth indulging in, crafted with sauteed herbs, parsley, spinach, leek, and femigreek, slowly cooked with red kidney beans, and dried Persian limes served with basmati rice. The Lamb Chop is another option that comes in high regard, a New Zealand style option that holds no comparison to what would typically be expected. The thick cut it similar to a steak and by no means holds any sort of extra fat or grease, making it a must try. To bring everything full circle, they offer several events and classes for guests to enjoy that include raw food classes and doctors coming in to speak as well. They are always seeking to elevate the natural experience and do so seamlessly. The location also offers fantastic beer and wine for customers to enjoy that are also organic, and plenty of familiar options like their extensive list of burgers. No matter the instance, the team at the cafe are serving food that they would like to put into their bodies, creating a trustworthy experience time after time, and it is perfect for any outing.

8267 Sunset Strip
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322