Simply Thalia, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Complementing the vast culinary culture that Chicago has to offer, Simply Thalia has taken a solidified stance towards health, and well being, putting them in a league of their own. An offspring to the widely favored Thalia Spice, Simply Thalia drives a quality and consistency to the forefront of the ever so popular Asian-fusion cuisine. Owners Fritz Colcol and Rolando Lopez have provided a distinct essence to the area that can be attributed to their healthy lifestyle and genuine standpoint on providing something the area truly needed. In doing so, Simply Thalia has taken a stronghold on elevated dishes that are  honest and qualitative to the Chicagoland area. Having been in the area for the past five years, Fritz and Rolando were simply in the right place at the right time, and their vision to take things up a notch have come to fruition with their introduction of the new and improved Simply Thalia.Right from the jump, the location takes health and holds it to the utmost importance while not sacrificing in a rich flavorful experience. The idea that one can indulge while maintaining a fit lifestyle is something that Fritz and Rolando have really been able to drive home. Coming from a fitness model and bodybuilding lifestyle, the top priority is to provide options that they would both eat as well, which is exactly what they have provided. Uniting that with the communal aspect of home cooked meals, the concept hits the mark in all categories of atmosphere, qualitative dishes, and proficient fuel for the body, mind and soul. Through this, the dishes are not fried, and there are no fatty oils used, they are steamed or cooked in an alternative method that quite remarkably raises the bar. As the cuisine type would entail, the options are derived from a variety of Asian cuisines that above all else, adhere to authenticity in a genuine manner. The Japanese options include a fresh sushi bar, Thai dishes of course include the classic Pad Thai, and the location hosts a variety of Malaysian, Korean, Chinese, and Indian. Putting an emphasis on health has allowed Fritz, Rolando, and their team to impress the masses by crafting dishes you would find in the homes of each country with ease and accuracy. A favorite of Rolando√≠s, the Panang Curry, comes from a recipe straight from Thailand. The dish is crafted with the choice of chicken, beef, tofu, or shrimp. Fritz holds the Roasted Duck in high regard. The Peking Duck over Rice is comprised of roasted duck, rice, cucumber, tomato and a hard boiled egg, simply delicious. Simply Thalia is justifiably unrivaled when it comes to the cuisine paired in an inviting atmosphere. The location immerses guests into an ambiance that compliments the dishes to the highest level. The contemporary decor combined with the lighting resembles a comforting vibe that allows guests to dine with a relaxing element. Hosting a full bar, the specialties see absolutely no limit, and the team at the restaurant are more than attentive when it comes to customer satisfaction. In doing so, Simply Thalia has enveloped the best of the best when it comes to Chicago dining, and experiencing firsthand will prove itself time after time with satisfaction.

108 N. State St. Suite 10
Chicago, IL 60602