Small Plates, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Small Plates is an American style tapas restaurant that focuses on creating comfort food to share with others. It has been open for fourteen years, but underwent new management four years ago. With that came new renovations to the building and an entire revamp of the menu. At Small Plates the two biggest goals they have is making sure the food quality is the best it can be and making sure that every customer has a great experience and walks out happy. They focus on consistency and close attention to detail to ensure every plate comes out perfectly. Small Plates has a very eclectic menu full of great options. Many people go to restaurants not knowing exactly what theyíre craving or wanting to try a little bit of everything. At Small Plates, itís easy for everyone to order a couple of different plates and then when it comes time to eat, it is very easy for everyone to share and try a bite of everything. There are even gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options available for those with specialized dietary needs. One of the most popular dishes of the menu is the Lotus Flower Tuna. The dish consists of seared sesame crusted tuna, mango and jalapeno salsa, wasabi aioli, avocado, and soy reduction sauce over fried wonton flowers. The dish has lots of different flavors that work excellently together. Being across from the Opera House, Small Platesí clientele is very event driven. The owners recommend making reservations to ensure you have a table reserved. Small Plates has even taken a vital role in Detroitís resurgence. Eighty percent of Small Platesí food and ingredients are locally grown or sourced. They even only sell locally brewed beers that are all made in either Detroit or Michigan. In the end, Small Plates has been nothing short of a great success. Whether youíre looking for a favorite meal or want to try something completely new, you can find it at Small Plates. Next time youíre in the area make sure to stop by for an unforgettable meal and experience!

1521 Broadway
Detroit, MI 48226