Snaggletooth, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Bill and Jennifer have over 20 years of restaurant industry experience combined. They both have always worked for really great chefs or restaurant groups and learned a lot from them, but it got to the point that they wanted to reconnect with the guests. ìYou lose that connection the higher up you move in the kitchen,î explained Jennifer. ìYou have less interactions with guests and you are no longer physically cooking the food.î Bill and Jennifer both believe that as chefs, they are at the service of the guests and their sole purpose is to make them happy. Shortly after Bill and Jennifer met, they realized they have the same core values. When Jennifer saw the amazing technique that Bill had for curing fish that he learned in New York, she knew he had something special. They took that process as a baseline and started developing different flavors together. As they developed more and more flavors, the idea for Snaggletooth started to snowball. Everything came together very organically. Jessica explained that they both thought that bagels and smears went perfectly with their cured fish, a very unique concept in Chicago. Bill and Jennifer wanted to bring that sense of community back. They opened Snaggletooth in a great neighborhood, and now know many of their customers by name. ìIt is really great to have that connection again, that is really important to us. It is not just about making food and eating it and that’s it – there is a very emotional component to food,î Jennifer said. Bill explained that finding a partner like Jennifer, someone who truly cares about making people happy, was one of the biggest keys to the restaurant coming together. Bill and Jennifer established Snaggletooth on the foundation of hospitality. When you come in, they want you to feel like Snaggletooth has your best interest in mind. Bill, Jennifer, and their team do everything they can to make sure every single person is happy and taken care of. The menu at Snaggletooth changes often to ensure maximum quality and freshness. The Pastrami Trout is a popular item, with kimchi schmear and shaved fennel slaw. The O.G. Lox is another customer favorite; cured ocean trout, scallion schmear, with smoked and pickled cippolinis. The open faced bagel sandwiches come with a choice of side that rotates every few days. They also offer a fish tasting platter, where you can taste some or all of the fish they cure in house! Snaggletooth offers great catering packages and brunch to go – a great weekend or special event option. Available to order on a per-person basis, Snaggletooth will tailor to exactly how much food you need. Snaggletooth will be announcing different events they will be offering on a regular basis; be sure to check back on their website for details!

2819 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60657