So Heavenly, North Miami FL | Merchant Profile

Bringing a fusion of flavors to the North Miami area, So Heavenly has encompassed the true meaning of being of an eclectic menu from top to bottom, and the options are nothing short of impressive. Owner Susie and William Lustgarten have elevated the dining experience with their ability to pay attention to detail while providing something unique the area has not yet experienced. Their efforts are prevalent with each dish that comes out of the kitchen, and the quality and consistency is what sets So Heavenly apart from the competition. The elegant setting paired with the meticulous drive to constantly elevate the menu is what makes it the best of the best. Taking the inspiration from the Jewish cuisine, the restaurant not only offers an all Kosher menu, but derives its cuisine from Colombia, the Middle East, as well as some Polish and German influence. The Arroz con Pollo is a top selection, as well as their Ceviche, and the Brisket. Healthy choices include the Salmon and Salads, Susie being well known  as the salad lady for the delicious options she has been able to craft to fuel the culinary powerhouse. No matter the instance, the restaurant has something for everyone. The location also has a Chief Rabbi come and make regular inspections to ensure the best Kosher options.Susieís son Mark runs the bakery as head pastry chef and brings everything full circle for customers to indulge in. Widely favored items include the Bunt Cake, Truffle Cake, Brownies, and Cookies. Mark has been able to take simple recipes and raise the bar on them, constantly having people come back for more. The nature that Susie and her family take to provide a quality experience is genuine and trustworthy and stopping in certainly guarantees a memorable experience time after time.

2228 NE 123rd St.
North Miami, FL 33181