Sofritos Vega, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Restaurant owners Juan Vega and Nydia-Diaz Vega began catering lunches to children in schools and found their passion to open a full kitchen in hopes to continue their cause of delivering healthy, well-made food to schools. Sofritos Vega recently opened in its new location only six month ago, but have had years of experience of working in their own restaurants. Nydia and Juan are serving up delicious Puerto Rican cuisine for locals and travelers alike ñ using only the freshest ingredients and most authentic style of Puerto Rican cooking.When you come to Sofritos Vega, be sure to try the ever popular ëMonfogos con Carne Fritos.í This dish is prepared with fried plantains, garlic, cracklings, and olive oil ñ a best seller of Sofritos Vega. Specially created by Juan ñ the ëMalangoí is a unique entree sized appetizer. Malanga is a sweet purple root in the potato family. The malanga is stuffed with fish and sauteed in a red sauce and fried ñ a dish you can only find at Sofritos Vega. For entrees, do not miss out on the ëSteak with Red Sauce,í featuring skirt steak sauteed in olive oil, garlic, peppers, seasoning, and tomato sauce. For Puerto Rican food done right in Milwaukee, come to Sofritos Vega for an unforgettable dining experience.Looking to cater an event? Whether it be for a birthday, holiday party, or corporate event, chose Sofritos Vega to wow you and your guest with exceptional service and food.

2302 W Forest Home Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207