Somer Restaurant, Canton MI | Merchant Profile

Karam and Hakam came to the United States in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Long time friends and business partners, they previously owned a restaurant together in Jordan. Ever since moving, they had a dream to open a restaurant in America. Deciding there was no better time than the present, Karam and Hakam found the perfect location, remodeled, and hired the best employees with great customer service experience. Karam and Hakam established Somer Restaurant on February, 16th 2016, and serve authentic Mediterranean cuisine. They import their spices from overseas, as Hakam explained the spices available in America create a totally different flavor. Their delicious chicken and beef shawarma are made by vertically char broiling the meat, creating a unique taste bud experience. Somer Restaurant crafts their own special sauces, including a mango sauce, dill sauce, and garlic sauce, that take your meal to another level. Somer Restaurant infuses traditional Sumerian dishes Рone of the oldest civilizations in the world. The restaurantís decor is focused on the ancient Sumerian civilization, including lots of old photos. If you are looking for an authentic Mediterranean experience, check out Somer Restaurant.

5830 N Sheldon Rd
Canton, MI 48187