Sonny’s Gelato Cafe, Boca Raton FL | Merchant Profile

Noel Posternak was a corporate lawyer in Boston for fifty years. His eldest son has been in the restaurant business for thirty years, and Noel had a lot of clients in the restaurant industry, so over the years he gained a lot of restaurant knowledge. After Noelís grandson Jake graduated from college he went to work in his dadís restaurant. Noel asked jake what he really wanted to do, and Jake explained that he wanted to own a restaurant. Noel put money aside and promised Jake he would mentor him, but the restaurant had to be in Boca Raton.In January of 2014, they purchased Sonnyís Gelato Cafe from an Italian family who owned it for thirteen years. The first seven years it was in business they strictly sold gelato. The eight-year they added Italian food items like paninis and pastas. When Noel and Jake took over, they kept the previous ownerís best selling items (including the famous gelato and Italian dishes) and added their own Boston twist to the menu. From breakfast to dessert, Sonnyís Gelato Cafe offers many mouthwatering items. Some of the most popular dishes at Sonnyís Gelato Cafe are the ëPesto Paninií, ëPenne ala Vodkaí and the ëChicken Pestoí. Customers love Sonnyís Gelato Cafe signature ëLobster Rollí; many visit regularly specifically for the delectable sandwich. Set a reservation for Thursday nights for a delicious lobster dinner!Sonnyís Gelato Cafe has mostly outdoor seating with an overhead awning so you can enjoy the sunshine. They also have a drive through that makes picking up takeout or quickly grabbing gelato a breeze. Order one of Sonnyís Gelato Cafe signature gelato cakes for a special occasion!

2151 N Federal Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33431