Soulfully Good Restaurant & Lounge, Miramar FL | Merchant Profile

Taking traditional southern classics and holding them to a greater standard, Soulfully Good Restaurant and Lounge envelopes the best of the best, certainly putting themselves in a league of their own. Owners Jonathan Gil and Aris Eugene have taken their passion to the forefront with quality and consistency, and their efforts can be attributed to the widespread notoriety they have attained. The concept really stands out in the area, was much needed, and truly showcases the cuisine type to the highest degree. Pair that with fresh ingredients and an overall experience that immerses guests into the heart of soul food, and the restaurant becomes unrivaled. Jonathan, Aris, and their team really hit the nail on the head with this concept, making a must try while in the area. From top to bottom, the menu provides something for everyone, touching on all palates to the highest degree. With the ability to build your own plate, the combinations are endless and provide a true home cooked meal that is nothing short of remarkable. Guests are able to choose from a main entree, type of rice, and pair that with an extra side. With options ranging from Mac and Cheese, to traditional Mushroom rice, as well as Collard Greens, and Plantains, the sides are reason enough to come in. Popular entrees include Fried Pork, Oxtail, Curried Chicken, Jerk Chicken, as well as Fried Goat. No matter the instance Soulfully Good has something for everyone, each dish comes rich and as flavorful as it gets.The entertainment and culture that the restaurant brings to the table is what really separates them from the competition by a long shot. On Thursday’s, karaoke is offered with a live band for patrons to vibe with. On Fridayís they also offer Karaoke with a DJ that has over three hundred thousand songs to select from. Every third Saturday they also host an open mic night for poets, comedians and book writers to come and present their work. Through this, Soulfully Good Restaurant and Lounge simply encapsulates an overall experience and doesn’t lack in any category, making it a must while in the area.

6320 Miramar Pkwy
Miramar, FL 33023