Southfield Pancake House, Southfield MI | Merchant Profile

The Southfield Pancake House, located in the building formally known as Dimitriís Pancake House, has been open for about eight months. It is owned and operated by Greg who formally worked as an executive chef for Double Tree Casino. The reason he left the casino was because of the strict corporate guidelines the chefs had to abide by. It didnít allow Greg to express any of his creativity or talents so he decided to open his own restaurant for complete creative freedom.  Growing up in Detroit, Greg had always been interested in the food industry. Every time he would go to a restaurant he would have the desire to go to the back of the house to observe how everything was made ñ and most restaurants let him! Before starting his career in the food industry, Greg went to school to become an automotive engineer. He worked at GM for some time, but when he was out sick and then returned to work, he found out he was not needed anymore. Instead of being such a small part of a huge company, Greg decided he wanted to serve a more prominent and important role for his job and decided to give the restaurant business a try. One of Gregís specialties is his ability to mix items together that you would originally not think go together, for example seafood and breakfast. As it turns out, seafood and breakfast go together great and Gregís Salmon Omelet is a best seller. Greg loves putting together the unexpected and turning it into a delicious, one-of-of-a-kind dish. Greg still uses the same analytical style of thinking that he used as an engineer to optimize his time and efficiency in the kitchen. Greg not only opened the Southfield Pancake House for himself, but also to help others. He wanted to provide jobs to people in need and share and teach his knowledge about the industry to his staff so they can be successful anywhere in the industry too. He even goes a step further and helps those who need it to learn how to open bank accounts, establish credit, and acquire credit cards. Greg is a dedicated and selfless owner who really cares about giving back to his customers and community. He and his staff provide a warm and friendly atmosphere at the Southfield Pancake House. They’re open seven days a week and catering can be provided upon request. For unique and delicious breakfast food served with a smile, Southfield Pancake House is the place to be!

29295 Southfield Rd
Southfield, MI 48076