Square Lake Diner, Troy MI | Merchant Profile

Square Lake Diner was opened in 2011 and is located in Troy, Michigan. Frank is the owner of this restaurant and says that Square Lake is a ìfiner diner,î meaning it is more upscale than a normal diner. The decor is nicer, they have their alcohol license and it is a bit fancier in general than oneís typical diner. An important aspect of Square Lake Diner is that they keep the classics on the menu. They want to adhere to what is popular, but not what is trendy. Many of their dishes are large portion sizes and have lots of extra touches that are not found at other diners. The environment at Square Lake Diner is very friendly, clean and positive. Many business meetings are held here as a result.One of the most popular dishes is the sautÈed Perch. When making this dish the fish used is fresh and very large in size. Also, the half pound burgers are a popular choice among customers. At Square Lake Diner one can expect to have good quality food for lower prices. The clientele that comes into Square Lake is a large variety. There are many locals, businessmen and women, as well as families and travelers. People are able to rent out Square Lake Diner for specific events and hold parties and meetings there as well. Part of what makes Square Lake Diner so successful is the staff/customer relationship. The positive atmosphere given off is evident as soon as one walks through the door. This new spin on a diner makes for finer dining at an affordable price.

6024 Rochester Rd
Troy, MI 48085