Stanley’s Sports Bar, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Located inside Sharks Ice, the training facility for the San Jose Sharks, Stanleyís Sports Bar provides an all around experience for customers to participate in, setting themselves apart from any other restaurant in San Jose. General Manager Dan Anglikowski prides himself on his teamís ability raise the bar on a culinary experience, and customers are always leaving satisfied with their time at Stanleyís. The restaurant overlooks three of the four ice skating rinks, allowing people to come in with their kids and let them skate,  as well as watching hockey from above while enjoying a meal. Stanleyís Sports Bar is unlike any other restaurant, making it a must try while in San Jose.Upon entering, the restaurant has a mountain lodge feel, providing a warm, cozy ambiance that is nothing short of inviting. The fireplace with the stone support beams, the earthy antler chandeliers, and the pine walls lend a sense of nostalgia, and the setting is beyond welcoming. Pair that with their delicious dishes, and stopping in for a visit becomes a no brainer. A popular item that has been on the menu a long time is their Buffalo Chicken Salad, made with crispy Buffalo Chicken, Bacon, Olives, Cheddar, Tomatoes, Carrots, and Buffalo Sauce. A popular vegetarian option, is their Avocado Cups, a healthy take on potato skins, filled with Diced Avocado, Mango, Grapes, and Pico De Gallo and served with chips. The Buffalo Wings also come highly favored, with the option of Spicy, House BBQ, Teriyaki, Peppercorn, or Dry. Their sandwiches are also worth trying, one of their signature ones being the Stanleyís Clubhouse. The item comes straight from their smoker, and is made with Bacon, Fresh Smoked Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Avocado, Mayo, Lettuce, and Tomatoes. No matter what the situation is, Stanleyís is sure to provide something to adhere to everyoneís taste. They do also serve beer and wine, rotating six of the ten taps regularly to keep variety. The restaurant is great for kids, offering air hockey as well as arcade games and of course the option to skate the rink. The team at Stanleyís also hosts corporate events, allowing parties to come in, curl, play broomball , then enjoy a top notch meal right after. The whole visit is an experience within itself, taking a step up from what would normally be expected from a restaurant. The seventeen television screens all constant viewing of hockey, and makes it perfect for a night out with friends and family. Located at 1500 South 10th Street, coming in for a bite to eat is well worth the visit and is sure to satisfy. 

1500 S 10th St.
San Jose, CA 95122