Stark Brewing Company, Manchester NH | Merchant Profile

Housing an array of widely popular beers, Stark Brewing Company encompasses a beer loverís dream from start to finish. The beers hit the nail on the head when it comes to body, flavor and taste, elevating the entire experience as a whole when indulging in the unique concept. Owner and Master Brewer Peter Telge has taken his love for brewing and used it as fuel to craft the best of the best. Doing so flawlessly, Peter adorns dozens of accolades for his efforts and his staple in the industry can attest to twenty two years of drive and success in the business. The concept originated from his big family of dogs, earning their spots as the face of the business and the fantastic craft brews.On October 1st. 1994, Peter made his first brew and named it after his recently passed pup Tasha. Since then, the beer has garnered national attention for the easy drinkability with an amber tinge and a slight malt presence. Millyís Oatmeal Stout is named after the matriarch of Peterís dog family, a sweet stout, complemented by the taste of flaked oats a. From top to bottom Millyís is crafted in a genuine fashion with a smooth taste from start to finish, and has won a Gold Medal in Rio at the World Beer Cup. Boís Scotch Ale is derived from non other than Millyís mate, and the beer is a direct representation of Bo himself being a gentle giant. The big bodied Ale is a ten percent brew that goes down in tasteful and smokey fashion, and heralds four gold medals at various contests.The culinary powerhouse brings everything full circle for Stark, providing traditional pub fare at a heightened level. They house one of the best burgers in the state, offering several different options of their juicy hand packed and seasoned patties. The Quesadillas and Chicken tenders are fan favorites, and the options on the menu simply pair fantastically with each beer the brewery produces. The three cooks fuel the chef driven menu, and the simple concept is nothing short of impressive. The restaurant also offers a fantastic Goat Cheese and Beet salad, and the Pizzas are homemade and pack a punch. If preferred, the brewery offers tours with their five brewers giving extensive knowledge with tasting of the beers. Stopping in ensures an all around memorable and satisfying experience time after time.

500 Commercial St.
Manchester, NH 03101