Stateside, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Taking an elevated concept and holding it to higher standard, Stateside has meticulously developed something for everyone, and their efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed. Head Chef and General Manager Geno Betz has taken his culinary expertise and uses it to drive the gastropub to new heights, and the product and presentation is nothing short of remarkable. The Whiskey bar paired with unique comfort food encapsulates a quality experience from top to bottom, and the life it brings forth to Philadelphia makes it a must visit. Having won Best in The City by Philly Magazine can attest to the widespread popularity the restaurant has attained in the past five years, and Stateside certainly does not disappoint. From top to bottom, the menu options hit the nail on the head, and pair that with over 100 different selections of bourbons and ryes, and a perfect outing is in place. They have seamlessly adapted to the atmosphere and the concept that is provided allows for a comfortable and enjoyable time spent. The Meatballs are a perfect option to start with, an all pork blend ground with Bacon, Pork Shoulder, Dates, and Creamy Mushroom to provide a white and airy dish. The Scallops are also a popular item worth indulging in, made with Tortellini, Eggplant, and Leek. No matter the instance, Stateside has something for everyone and are always seeking to adhere to anyoneís palate.The extensive options that the restaurant provides allow for a full circle experience that can only be found at Stateside. The drinks bring everything together, and the ability for the staff to pair the best of the best for their guests is nothing short of impressive. Stopping in guarantees a top notch experience and giving it a chance will not only provide quality food and drinks, but a memorable outing time after time.

1536 E. Passsyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19147