Strafford Farms Family Restaurant, Dover NH | Merchant Profile

Carrying a vast history that dates back to 1939, Strafford Farms has become a cornerstone to the Dover area, securing its niche as a household name for locals and visitors alike. Owners and siblings Peter Allen and Kimberly Raimer pride themselves on their ability to continue the family business and have done so to the highest degree. From a quaint ice cream stand in the 40ís to the milk processing industry in the 60ís, to present, the family at Strafford Farms have solidified themselves as a true American gem. They always go the extra step for their customers and their efforts are prevalent from top to bottom with the quality and consistency they are able to put forth. Pair that with the top notch customer service and Strafford Farms encapsulates a true dining experience from top to bottom making it a must while in the area.The team at the restaurant source as much as they can locally and their efforts can attest to the genuine and trustworthy experience they are able to provide. The Traditional Turkey Dinner is a must try, the restaurant cooks its own whole turkey unlike many others. The Reuben is also an option worth trying, the meat is slow cooked overnight, topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on marble rye. The sides also adhere to the comfort food style that the team at the restaurant provide, giving options like their homemade Mac & Cheese. No matter the instance, Strafford has something for everyone and will surely adhere to any palate.Always pressing creativity to the forefront, the location provides new specials every month for their talented chefs to put out something new. Having been around for over seventy five years truly shows that their longstanding efforts have not gone unnoticed and that their restaurant comes widely reccomended. No matter the instance, stopping in guarantees not only a historic experience, but a memorable and satisfying one as well.

58 New Rochester Rd.
Dover, NH 03820